IT02S TOF High Frequency Industrial Distance Sensor Robot Obstacle Avoidance

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Model Number: IT02S
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TOF Industrial Laser Distance Sensor High Frequency Robot Obstacle Avoidance

Product Description:


IT02S is a new generation of ultra-small single-point ranging laser radar module developed by our company. Its most prominent feature is high measurement frequency, fast measurement, high measurement accuracy, and can be used for robot obstacle avoidance. With the use of robots in factories, warehouses, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, etc., people pay more attention to the mobility of robots, so that obstacle avoidance becomes a critical and necessary function. It is hoped that the robot can perceive the static or dynamic objects that hinder its passage through the sensor according to the state information of the obstacles collected, and then effectively avoid obstacles according to certain methods, and finally reach the target point. TOF can help robots understand their positioning and the surrounding environment to achieve obstacle avoidance.


 Industrial Laser Distance Sensor Feature:


1. Measuring distance is far: the measuring distance is up to 12m, and it is also very adaptable under outdoor strong light;
2. Strong anti-interference: for black targets, it can effectively reach the longest distance of ~8m;
3. High measurement frequency: adopting TOF ranging principle, the measurement frequency is 100HZ.

Specifications of Industrial Laser Distance Sensor:


Model Number IT02S
Measuring Range 0.1-10m @90% reflectivity
Frequency 100Hz
Accuracy 4cm @90% reflectivity
Absolute Accuracy 90% reflectivity:8cm @ within 7m
Blind Area 10cm
Resolution 1cm
Light 650nm, <1mw,red,class 2
Resistance to Light 10000 LUX
Operating Voltage DC +3.3V,
Operating Current(@100Hz) 51mA(2)
Power(@100Hz) 168 mw(2)
Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃(regular)-10-+50 ℃(Higher and lower)(3)
Communication interface UART,115200bps(default)
Serial level TTL 3.3V
Volume 46*17*7mm
Weight 10g



In the high temperature scene, the absolute error of the module's measurement increases slightly.



IT02S TOF High Frequency Industrial Distance Sensor Robot Obstacle Avoidance

IT02S TOF High Frequency Industrial Distance Sensor Robot Obstacle Avoidance

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