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What types of laser rangefinders are there?

October 31, 2019

Laser range finder is characterized by good monochromaticity and strong directionality of the laser, and the integration of electronic circuit semiconductorization. Compared with the photoelectric range finder, it can not only work day and night, but also improve the range measurement accuracy and significantly reduce the weight. And power consumption, making the distance measured to the far target of artificial earth satellite, moon, etc. become a reality. If the laser is continuously launched, the measuring range can be up to 40 kilometers, and it can work day and night. If the laser is pulsed, the absolute accuracy is generally low, but for long-distance measurement, good relative accuracy can be achieved. Laser range finder is mainly divided into the following three types:
1. Handheld laser range finder
The measuring distance is generally within 200 meters and the accuracy is about 2 mm. This is the most widely used laser range finder. In addition to functionally measuring the distance, it is generally possible to calculate the volume of the measured object.
2. Telescope laser range finder
The measuring distance is generally about 600-3000 meters. This type of range finder has a relatively long measuring distance, but the accuracy is relatively low, and the precision is generally about 1 meter. The main application range is field long distance measurement.
3. Industrial laser range finder
The measuring distance is about 0.5-3000 meters, the precision is less than 50mm, and the reflector is added 300 meters away. Some products can also measure the speed while measuring. Mainly used in position control, such as vehicles and ships; positioning cranes; loading and unloading and handling equipment; aircraft measurement, mainly for measuring flight height; metallurgical process control; measuring unsuitable objects, such as pipe fillings, pipes, containers, etc. Water level measurement.
At present, in the field of laser ranging instruments, from simple distance measurement to three-dimensional spatial positioning, the functions and application fields of laser ranging instruments are also constantly developing.