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What is arduino?

November 13, 2019

Arduino is a convenient, flexible and easy-to-use open source hardware product with rich interfaces, digital I/O ports, analog I/O ports, and support for SPI, IIC, and UART serial communication. , including hardware: various models of arduino board, software: arduino IDE. Arduino is not only an open source-based software and hardware platform, but also has a Processing/Wiring development environment similar to Java and C. Almost anyone, even without computer programming, can use Arduino to make cool things, such as responding to sensors, flashing lights, controlling motors...
Features of Arduino
01 open circuit board design
The Arduino control board is an open source circuit diagram design, so experienced circuit designers can design their own modules to expand or improve. Even for some users who have relatively little experience, you can also use the test board to understand how Arduino works. Moreover, copyright law only regulates open source software, but it is difficult to use on hardware, so Arduino uses Creative Commons license. Anyone is allowed to produce replicas of the board, and can redesign and even reproduce copies of the original design, all without the need for royalties. However, if you re-release the reference design, you must explain the contribution of the original Arduino team. If you adjust or change the board, your latest design must use the same or similar Creative Commons license to ensure that the new version of the Arduino board will be equally free and open. The only thing left is the name Arduino. The various Arduino boards in the image below.
02. The programming method is diverse and the code is simple.
There are several ways to program Arduino: The first one is to use the official website Arduino IDE programming environment, which can be downloaded from the official website and supports Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. The second is to use Microsoft's VisualStudio environment, there is also a plugin for Arduino for Microsoft Visual Studio. After installation, you can develop Arduino in Visual Studio. Third, if you don't like to write code, or teach children to play Arduino, there are also graphical programming environments, such as Ardublock. In the future, we will adopt the Arduino Ide approach. For more information, please find the Arduino feature in the DF Maker community.
03. Online burning, perceiving the peripheral world
Arduino can use the ICSP online burner to burn the programming program into the chip. We only have one cable to brush the program into the chip anytime and anywhere to achieve the corresponding function. At the same time, the Arduino control board can be easily connected to sensors and a wide range of electronic components.

What is arduino?