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Some tips in daily life can help us during COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Some tips in daily life can help us during COVID-19
As is known to all, its transmission method is mainly via droplets and contact.

This following 5 things can help in our daily life
1.Wash the hands rightly after you back home
It’s important to wash our hands correctly. Using hand washing , soap, bleach water to wash the hands has a fairly good effect on 2019-new coronavirus infection prevention.
Basically, we will wash our hands, then taking food. After going to the toilet play, must wash hands well. Specially, if you go to the hospital or crowded public places, please remember to wash your hands, washing your nose, or changing your clothing.

2.Wear the masks correctly
Most people have misunderstandings about masks, but we should re-establish the correct concept: cough, sneeze is the most need to wear masks, sick people should rest at home, especially fever, and when coughing, sneezing should wear a mask, rather than take it off, then sneeze or cough; a mask, cough, sneeze should cover mouth and nose with handkerchief, towel, sleeve.

3.Are you travelling and back from some places?
If there is a fever, cough and other respiratory symptoms, please consult a doctor. Avoid taking public transport when seeking medical treatment, and actively inform contact history or travel history, which is the best way to benefit others.

4.Sleep + Nutrition + Exercise
At the same time, having a nice sleep, eating foods to get enough nutrition, drinking water, and doing some exercise is also important.

5.At last, all in all, keep yourself relax, you can chat with your good friends, listen to music or others you would like.